Mvoss Creation Social Pages

Mvoss Creation Social Pages

Upgrade your Brand to the Next Level. Socialized with Tony Astro on these pages.

Mvoss Creation Promotional & Consulting on Vimeo

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YOUTUBE: Mvoss Creation Promotional and Consulting & FusionMeet Event & Product Page

Watch our Mvoss Creation, FusionMeet content in its entirety. We all know that videos that are longer than 5 minutes will be dragging, or become uninteresting and will not work well for business wanting to send my message across.


FusionMeet - Cultural Intelligent Networthing We ARE not another NETWORKING group, we can collaborate with your group to bring a more culturally intelligent discussion, connection, good flow of quality of real professional relationship without sacrificing honest casual conversation on who you truly are. This page focus on sharing videos and thoughts to enhance discussion on Cultural Intelligence and connecting people with various group / culture. At Fusionmeet we believe that understanding other's culture within your business group (colleagues, clients and customers) can help your people skills and understanding to others and make better decisions using the concept of “Cultural Intelligence”. We collaborate on various group or organizations (school, corporations, organization, networking groups, associations) who wants to impact the community and create a stronger & incorporate diversity in their brand. FusionMeet meets 2-3 times a month to explore diversity that affects our business decisions, how we communicate and become global thinkers. A safe place to discuss wide range topic on culture (race, religion, age, sexual orientation, political, ability,and other norms & beli

TONY ASTRO's Commercewise

In my website you get to connect with me professionally by making an appointment on the pop-up box. Here you can see what other people says about my services. My blogs and social media can be found here. So if you need anything this is the site but it is not updated daily as in my Facebook page.

INSTAGRAM: DogRunner & Branding Random Show (DBR)

Tony Astro's goal on Instagram is to share more personal 1 minute videos and photos that may be interesting and compelling visual content. My team is my Shiba-Mutt Blinky walking her at the beach and showing my home and friends. Once a daily posting photo, images, and short 15-second videos will do well in creating good branding for your business.

APPOINTMENT AND CONSULTATION: Myla with Mvoss Creation & Tony with Commercewise

This is my other appointment scheduling focus on meeting us at the Town Center for product presentation and consulting for Mvoss Creation. Conversational. Beautiful. Easy. We are focused on the booking experience for our customers to provide the best services.

BOOKING & APPOINTMENTS: Commercewise Consultant Counselor Coach

This is my freelance business scheduling all-in-one booking platform that saves me and my client's time without having to go back and forth on text and email. What do I provide in the service: A holistic approach to counseling, coaching and consulting. With 20 years of experience, education & empowering excitement in the field of commerce, culture & career - Dr. Tony Astro will help you build personalized tools for you to grow in this agile world of the 21st century.  Visit him

Tony Astro's LinkedIn & Blogs / Research on Career, Commerce & Culture

Tony's LinkedIn page goal is towards informative materials related to industry niches, trades, and professions focusing on Career, Commerce & Cultural Intelligence. Here I can share my background, education, experience and expertise on why you should hire me as your Coach, Consultant & Counselor (All-In-One). I have over 20 years of marketing experience both in the private and government sectors. Over 20 years of formal education (8 years of those are Ph.D. in Counseling & Human Services) 15 years in Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership. 20 years in Career Development / Human Resources / Training & Educational Services both in civilian and military sectors. Job postings are of course welcome as well as informative materials on products, services, and technologies posted at least two times but not more than four times a week.